New infiltration tunnel from Gaza found inside Israeli territory – army

© Suhaib Salem/ REUTERS Palestinian Hamas militants rest on grass after taking part in an anti-Israel military parade in Beit Hanoun town in the northern Gaza Strip August 11, 2015.

JERUSALEM, April 18 (Reuters) – Israel’s military said on Monday it has found another invasion burrow, worked by Hamas activists, extending from the Gaza Strip a few hundred meters (yards) inside Israeli domain.

“We have killed the passage in Israeli domain, rendering it unusable for penetration by Hamas terrorists,” Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner, a military representative, said in a phone call with outside writers.

Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist gather that runs the Gaza Strip, had no prompt remark on the revelation, which could fasten up pressures along a boondocks that has been to a great extent calm following the end of a 2014 war.

Lerner said the passage was the initially found inside Israeli domain since the contention about two years back. Amid seven weeks of battling, Hamas utilized passages driving into Israel to penetrate on four events, slaughtering 12 troopers.

Israel said it annihilated 32 burrows amid the Gaza war, and that it was creating advances went for countering endeavors by Hamas to remake its system.

“This is another passage. A few hundred meters in length. We thought that it was near the outskirt zone,” Lerner said. “We aren’t explaining on the specifics of innovation (that prompted disclosure). In any case, I would say it was a mix of innovation, knowledge, designing capacities and boots on the ground.”

(Reporting by Jeffrey Heller)