Disgusting chewing sounds. Sexy girls and fat slobs dripping sauce all over themselves. Rorschach splotches of ketchup and mustard all over the gym floor. Paris Hilton washing her Bentley. Kim Kardashian sending chills with: “While the best things in life are messy, it’s fun to get clean.”

When it comes to awful commercials, Carl’s Jr. takes the cake… with a 1,250-calorie side of “Most American Thickburger.” Is that a hot dog?

Obviously, there’s no denying the buzz these risqué ads have created over the years, but still, “if it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face?” No amount of bikini-clad product pushers can make up for slogans like that.

But while Carl’s strikes a personal chord, it didn’t register in a discussion that’s been raging on Reddit, where someone asked, “What products will you never buy just because you hate their commercials?” Some 11,000 comments later, it’s clear that Carl’s has company.

Click ahead for 5 of the commercials garnering the most attention.



It’s hard to make Kate Upton seem unappealing, but this commercial, unlike her star turn in the Jr. campaign Carl’s years ago, accomplishes just that. Yet, it worked. The mobile war game became one of the most popular games in the App store despite getting widely panned.

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“First it’s boobs, then they swindle you into 10k in debt.” — finest pirate
“Commercial comes on for the first time: I said… Helloooo Kate… Wife says… nasty… Son says: That game stinks and doesn’t play like that at all.” — jmcinty
Switching voluptuous celebrity shills only added to the backlash:
“Watching Mariah Carey try to act is just painful.” — Nadocomed.